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Bicycle Accessories

Rotatable Phone Holder Storage Bag

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Watch out where you are going! Finding your way whilst riding your bike or electric scooter can be tricky and dangerous especially if you do not know where you are going. Therefore, owning a 2 in 1 bicycle gadget is exactly what you need! This useful and stylish gadget not only holds your cell phone steady and secure in any situation but also offers storage space for your portable charger so that you never have to stop exploring. 

All Details: 

  • Water-/ and Dustproof
  • Storage bag
  • full rotation
  • cable jack 
  • easy applicable to bikes and electric scooters
  • sensitive touchscreen
  • 6.0 inch. screen surface
  • laminated two-way zip 
  • sun visor
  • This waterproof and dustproof mobile phone case has an integrated storage bag and can be rotated by a 360-degree angle. By attaching the bicycle bag to the bicycles or electric scooters handlebar it turns into an ideal companion for any cyclists and city adventurer. Whether you want to use it for leisure, go to work, or to discover the world this bicycle bag offers plenty of storage space for short and long journeys. The mobile phone can be attached to a suitable position and has a headphone jack which can be used to attach your headphones and to charge your phone which becomes a convenient feature when on a long adventure. Furthermore, it can carry lights, chargers, keys, credit cards, and other essentials.
  • The sensitive plastic film made out of TPU allows you to use this phone holder bag during any weather conditions. Its sensitive touch screen with high touch sensitivity, allows you to use it even by barely touching the screen with your fingertips. The large touch screen surface (6.0) is compatible with most mobile phones on the market. Even in cold weather in winter, you can use your phone without having to open the frame pockets.
  • This bicycle bag is made out of waterproof and dustproof polyester which allows you to use the phone holder even on very rainy days as it will protect your phone from any moisture. Additionally, the waterproof laminated two-way zip does not allow rainwater to enter. In addition, the sun visor can protect your mobile phone from splashing water and sunlight, improving visibility.

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