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Cable and Underwear Organizer Bag - SET

$34.99 USD

"A tidy house, a tidy mind" - Traveling means packing your essentials to be ready for an exciting adventure. However, the last thing you want is to arrive at the airport or your final destination and hectically start looking for something you urgently need. Therefore, having everything packed into a designated bag is key to keep everything under control and organized.  

This Cable and Underwear Organizer Set Bag will become your most desired travel item as it will prevent many headaches in the future.   

Underwear Travel Organizer Bag

  • This underwear travel organizer bag is 28 x 12 x 15 cm large and made out of durable, and water-repellent easy to clean nylon fabric. Owing to its two-way zip your items will be stored and held securely in place.

Please view the pictures for further information on storage options!

Cable Organizer Bag 

  • This cable organizer bag is 26 x 19 x 9 cm large and offers enough space for various items such as cables, flash disk, power bank, headphones, mouse, Kindle, and other smaller accessories.
  • All your electronics will be stored together safely and secure so that you will be able to find them all within an instant. 
  • The high-quality cable travel bag is made of robust, durable, and waterproof material. The well-padded, semi-flexible inner lining, provides excellent protection for your devices from scratches, dust, bumps, and accidental drops.
  • With its strong handle and efficient travel design, it will become your most valuable organizer bag and a great helper when traveling.